The Bergamasco Sheepdog or Cane de Pastore is a very old breed that dates back some believe 2000 years....The last remaining modern day Bergamascos settled in the Bergamo Valley in the Northern part of the Italian Alps.. After mid century a few dedicated breeders started to breed the few remaining Bergamascos to preserve the breed..There are a few very dedicated people in Europe and abroad that specialize in Bergamascos  and are most knowledgable....The Bergamasco is one of a very few breeds that have a special coat that protects the breed from the elements.  The coat consists of three types of hair and wool that intertwine together to form the characteristic Flocks.  The dog hair, goat hair and wool combine together for a coat that is breathtaking when maintained  properly..The ancient herding characteristics and temperament are still seen in the breed today.  They can be cautious of strangers and at times very guarded to anything new and different..  With this in mind, proper socialization of puppies and training is very important key to a joyful and close family relationship.