Herdabout Fiamma Dell'Albera CM CGC

Owner:  Yvonne Bunevich

Sire:  Matteo Dell'Albera Slvr Pastori CM

Dam:  Tempeludens Estetica

Breeder: Irene Senedak and Mark Senedak
Fee is our first Bergamasco that we have owned. With many years of training she has grown into a beautiful female gaining confidence. Sensitive and cautious of new experiences we have worked with her to achieve what I believe is a wonderful example both in temperament and personality of the breed. She has a wonderful gate in the ring  and out that is awesome to watch. She is screened both for hips and elbows in OFFA and has passed showing no dysplasia. She has passed the AKC Herding Instinct Testing with flying colors and has shown great ability working to forward her herding ability.